Top 8 Tips to Firm Up Your Butt & Thighs


1. Take the Stairs

Stairs are a godsend for your butt and thighs. It is strength and cardio packed into one and it targets your thighs and butt. But you don’t need to buy a stair-climbing machine to reap the benefits.

If you take an elevator to get to your office in the morning, take the stairs instead. If you live on one of the upper floors of an apartment complex, start taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Basically, wherever you encounter an elevator, choose to take the stairs instead. This will provide you a good, quick workout without needing to rearrange your entire schedule. If you don’t usually have access to a flight of stairs in your normal life, you should consider getting a stair-climbing machine.

You can keep one in your living room and use it while you watch TV, read a book, or work on finishing up a project for work.



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