Top 4 Pratical Tips That Help You For Weight lose


4- Drinking Plenty of Water

We have heard that water retention results in increase in weight. So it may sound counter intuitive that drinking plenty of water can actually help lose weight. But how or why is this true? How can drinking something, whose retention in the body increases our weight, help us lose it? When the body is getting water on a continuous basis it no longer feels the need or necessity of retaining it. It knows that it will have sufficient water when it needs it. It therefore relinquishes the water so retained by it. It is like when you have plenty of money you do not tend to save it, because you know you will have plenty as and when required. But if you have lack of money you will try to save or retain every penny that you have. Similarly when the body feels that it has an abundant supply of water, it stops retaining it. And hence we lose weight. Drinking water throughout the day can also make you feel full for a longer period of time resulting in lesser consumption of calories. You will therefore be less tempted towards a high calorie snack because you have the sensation of being full. Do not crave for an unhealthy snack and drink a glass of water instead.

Water is involved in all the cellular processes that undergo in our body, including metabolism. When we stay dehydrated these processes run very inefficiently. Metabolism is basically a sequential chemical process that takes place in our body. Staying hydrated helps these processes to go on smoothly. Water not only helps us to feel full but also aids in digestion. It helps our kidneys to function properly and filter everything that is required and eliminate the rest and not be constipated. Studies have also shown that water intake before meals increases the metabolic rate by 25-30 percent helping you to burn off more calories and ultimately shedding weight. You also tend to consume fewer calories and improve your weight loss results. Now the question arises how much and when to drink water. Our body loses its fluids through sweat, urine, breath and even during bowel movements. So the fluid loss has to be compensated particularly when we stay in a hot and humid climate else we will be dehydrated, so keep reading and discover with us on the next page the other Pratical Tips That Help You For Weight lose.




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