How Much Money Does It Take To Be Rich In These 10 Countries


Are you rich? Have you ever wondered how much money it takes to be considered rich? you probably know wealth when you see it around you, but you don’t know if this wealth helps to reach a point of financial security or if it is enough for the future.

being rich depends on the country you live in, on where you settle, either in a rural community or in more urban settings, on your life style and on other more factors.

the International Monetary Fund (IMF), yearly, writes its report about the richest countries and how much you need to make to be considered as rich.

Find out the USB Report TOP 10 countries on how much money it takes to be rich

Hong Kong

Special Administrative Region on the southern coast of China, Hong Kong stands among the TOP 10 richest countries of the world, and it is one of the most important trade and economic destination of investors in Asia and the world as well. Occupying 1100 square Km with a comparatively small population, it does a huge amount of business with low taxation rates and a high degree of economic freedom. The GDP per capita of Hong Kong is $61,030 and to be considered rich, you need to touch $183,060 per year which is relatively not very high comparing to other countries.



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